Private: OUR Projects

  • MATV & Satellite Dishes

    Satellite and TV Systems can include a  variety of solutions with a wide range of different commercial and domestic applications. You can expect Comtec Data Solutions to provide you with the best solution for your needs by our experts and an installation of the highest quality by trained professionals.

  • Experienced

    We make sure our team is not only licensed but also trained and experienced in the work we performed.

  • Trustworthy

    We have established trusted partnership with many industry leading hardware and software vendors.

  • Understanding

    We understand the unique challenges presented in Pilbara and use equipment that can withstand climatic conditions.

  • Transparent

    We are transparent, value driven, credible, competent and honest in working with our client’s needs.

  • One of a kind

    We are the only company based in the Pilbara providing this suite of services as its core business.

  • Local

    We are an established Pilbara business with locally based staff. We are fully accountable to our community.

  • Solid reputation

    We are a member of KDCCI, PHCCI, OCCI and a sustainable member of the local business community. We have a solid reputation of providing high quality, good value and reliable services.